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Dataset Download and Usage

Datasets are provided for use by the research community. Please be sure to cite the associated reference when using the dataset. Details on contents and usage are available in the download. For questions, use the Contact link above.

UNLV Action Quality Assessment for Multi-Task Learning (AQA-MTL)

P. Parmar and B. T. Morris, "What and how well you performed? A multitask approach to action quality assessment," in Proc. IEEE Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Long Beach, California, Jun. 2019. [pdf]

AQA-MTL Dataset and code [link]

UNLV Sports Action Quality Assessment 7 (AQA-7)

P. Parmar, B. T. Morris, "Action Quality Assessment Across Multiple Actions," in WACV, Waikoloa, HI, Jan. 2019. [pdf]

AQA-7 dataset [1.7 GB] [link][v2 link - including trampoline]
Trampoline annotations [link]

UNLV Olympic Scoring Dataset

P. Parmar, B. T. Morris, "Learning to score Olympic events," in CVPR: Computer Vision in Sports Workshop, Honolulu, HI, Jul. 2017. [pdf]

Full dataset [10.5 GB] [link]
Diving dataset [0.7 GB] [link]
Vault dataset [0.5 GB] [link]
Figure Skating dataset [9.5 GB] [link]

UNLV Pedestrian Dataset (UNLV-Peds)

M. S. Shirazi and B. T. Morris, "Vision-based pedestrian behavior analysis at intersections," Journal of Electronic Imaging, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 1-13, March, 2016. [pdf] [0.4 GB] [zip] [Readme]

Annapolis Harbor Dataset

B. Morris, D. W. Aha, B. Auslander, and K. Gupta, "Learning and leveraging context for maritime threat analysis: Vessel classification using Exemplar-SVM," NCARAI Technical Note, Naval Research Laboratory, Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence, Washington, DC, 2012. [pdf]

F. Bousetouane and B. Morris, "Fast CNN surveillance pipeline for fine-grained vessel classification and detection in maritime scenarios," in Proc. IEEE Inter. Conf. on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Aug. 2016. [3 GB] [link]

Trajectory Datasets

Trajectory clustering and trajectory analysis datasets are available from UCSD. [link]

External Datasets

CVonline: Image Databases - Large listing of various datasets.